MVP Program

Acentura have a new product development program called 90-Day MVP(Minimum Viable Product) Program for the entrepreneurs who are looking to test new ideas quickly, with minimum time and investment. We develop fully functional product with essential features that can be rapidly deployed to gauge customer sentiments in the real market place.

What we offer?

We Provide 10 hours of consulting time with the acentura CEO who is having extensive experience in Tech industry and 20hours of architecture and engineering consultation from acentura subject matter experts including front end UI, Business consulting, project management and QA.

Acentura Approach for Product Development

Acentura Approach for Product Development

  • Acentura new product development approach consists of 4 main stages.
    • Customer Discovery
    • Customer Validation
    • Customer Creation
    • Customer Building
  • At the customer discovery stage, we identify where the problem solution fit and proceed with MVP proposal including funnels.
  • During customer validation we research for product market fit and create the business model to define the sales & marketing roadmap.
  • Customer creation is scaling the execution.
  • We scale the organization & it's operations at the Company building stage.
Acentura Product Development Process
Acentura Managed Services

Why Acentura?

Acentura’s primary goal is to provide differentiated value for the delivered product. We deliver the minimum to earn customer love, and we will improve it over time based on our vision and feedback from customers.

Acentura dig deeper into the customers problem so that we can understand the problem better which will enable us to focus on providing the real solutions from the initial use of the product. We build and release based on an established understanding of what the market for the product looks like. Our focus on meeting the needs of a core group of users at first and will consider expanding it over time if there are additional needs we can meet in an exceptional way.

We understand that customers always have alternative options and that they will choose the ones that best meet their needs. We aim to generate loyalty right away. Acentura can make major architecture decisions in response to customer needs or ideas because We have confidence that we deeply understand the customer's challenge.

We are committed to our vision and solution. We dedicate the time, money, and team members necessary for the product to best serve customers early on. We want customers to love our product. We know that our success is tied to how deeply they care about the solutions we offer.

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