Acentura Cricket Fiesta 2024

Acentura Cricket Fiesta 2024 - a roaring success! ?? On February 17th, 2024, the Air Force Ground witnessed electrifying matches, passionate cheers, and unforgettable moments! ?? Thank you to all the teams, players, and fans for making it an event to remember! ?

Welcoming the Year 2020 with Spirits at Colombo Office

Promised to recollect the knowledge, experience, and relationships we could make during the past years as we have exciting challenges to win and celebrate the success by working as a true team in the new year by celebrating in the way of Auxenta digital. Great start to a new decade with Group CEO, CEO of Auxenta Digital and other Leadership team and team members

Powering companies to innovate products by leveraging on its Automated Testing expertise

There is a growing clamour for corporations to innovate across their products, markets and customer offerings. As a result of globalization, in order to survive, companies have to go beyond the norm by investing in product innovation, market research, scientific testing and quality analysis to develop high-quality products at the lowest cost while bringing them to the market in the shortest possible time. A company that found success in streamlined testing.