Acentura Social Night - 2024

Acentura illuminated the night with a memorable social gathering at Pegusses Reef in Wattala, seamlessly intertwining the joyous spirit of Avurudu celebrations with an evening of camaraderie and festivity. The event was a culmination of fun-filled activities, delectable cuisines, and refreshing beverages enjoyed by families in attendance.

Winners of the Avurudu games were rewarded with thoughtful gifts, while the crowning of Manoga Nimanjana and Malshi Weerasekara as Mr. and Miss Acentura marked the pinnacle of the evening, accompanied by valuable prizes. The enchanting performances of dancers further heightened the atmosphere, leaving attendees with cherished memories of a night brimming with joy and community spirit, emblematic of Acentura's commitment to fostering unity and celebration.

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