Acentura has won two FITIS Digital Excellence Awards!

Acentura, a company specializing in digital transformation services, has garnered significant recognition in the technology industry by receiving two bronze awards at the esteemed FITIS Digital Excellence Awards ceremony held on February 28th, 2023. This event was designed to celebrate companies that have made exceptional contributions to the development and implementation of digital technology.

Acentura was recognized for its exceptional accomplishments in two categories: the Best Digital Workplace Initiative and the Best Digital Workforce Enablement. The company's innovative and effective approach to digital workplace strategies has helped organizations from a variety of industries to improve employee productivity, collaboration, and overall organizational performance.

Furthermore, Acentura's digital workforce enablement solutions have enabled organizations to leverage their workforce's full potential by enhancing their skills, knowledge, and capabilities. This has resulted in increased efficiency and effectiveness in various business processes, allowing organizations to keep up with the rapidly changing digital landscape.

Winning this award is a testament to the incredible team at Acentura and their commitment to delivering services that exceed expectations. We are excited to use this award as motivation to continue pushing the boundaries and delivering excellence.

Winning two bronze awards at such a prestigious event highlights Acentura's commitment to providing top-quality digital transformation services and solutions to its clients. It also demonstrates the company's dedication to innovation, creativity, and excellence in the digital space. This recognition is proof of Acentura's ability to meet the challenges of the digital age and help its clients succeed in the ever-changing digital landscape.

We cannot forget the team behind the success of the company, including Chandana Ranasinghe (CEO) , Niroshen Landerz (Director – Client services), Waruna De Silva (Director -  Strategic initiatives),  Ajith Kodituwakku (Director – Technology), Anura landers (Director – HR & Admin) & Anandan Ganesan (Director – Finance) . Their years of experience in executive management, strategic planning, and operational excellence have played a crucial role in bringing the company to new heights, maintaining high standards, and establishing a good reputation in the industry.

Our world-class team is the key ingredient for the company's tremendous results. We extend our deepest appreciation to the Acentura team for their hard work and dedication, as well as for their outstanding performance towards the success of the company.

Finally, we would like to thank our board of directors for their wise decisions and guidance, which have been instrumental in steering our team towards success. Hats off to this amazing team! Without all of you, these achievements would have been impossible. We look forward to writing more success stories for Acentura in the future.

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