Consistent small steps every day adds up to tremendous results….

Yet another significant achievement of Acentura..

Acentura had being awarded with the silver award for the best ICT company in SME sector at the National ICT award ceremony 2021 which was held on the 21st of January 2022.

Our remarkable journey had memorable beginnings including taking the first step as Auxenta & getting incubated in 2018 as Auxenta Lanka. Upon successfully evolving, the company was re-named as Auxenta Digital Labs in 2019 to make appealing our existing and potential customers who are looking for digital transformation expertise. After the completion of two successful years as Auxenta Digital Labs, in 2021 the company was rebranded as Acentura and was able to reach great heights with 20 potent clients representing 11 countries, 100+ project deliveries with the support of an efficient team of 300+ professionals.

The success behind reaching these ambitious standards is the unique services we deliver to our clients by going beyond their expectations. Our team is capable of coming up with the most innovative and creative ideas which meet clients’ requirements to the fullest. Further, moving towards our clients we serve enormous industries including telecommunication, banking, insurance and financial services, Apparel, Foot ware & lifestyle industry, learning management, ISV & high-tech companies along with many conglomerates globally. And this is what makes us an outstanding organization within the industry.

Moreover, not forgetting the team behind the success of the company, Chandana Ranasinghe (CEO) , Niroshen Landerz (Director – Client services), Waruna De Silva (Director -  Strategic initiatives),  Ajith Kodituwakku (Director – Technology), Anura landers (Director – HR & Admin) & Anandan Ganesan (Director – Finance) with over years of experience in multiple domains in the capacity of executive management, strategic planning, and operational excellence for putting up all their efforts in bringing up the company to the heights, maintaining higher standards and for establishing a good reputation in the industry.

Further, our world class team is the key ingredient for the tremendous results of the company. A big appreciation goes to our team at Acentura for their hard work and dedication, also for carrying out their responsibilities well and for the best performance towards the success of the company.

Last, but not least, thanking all our board of directors for their rightful decisions and guidance given to navigate our team, which was a massive contribution to all the successful achievements of Acentura.

Hats off to this amazing team, without you all these achievements would have been impossible.

Looking forward to write more successful stories of Acentura …..

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