Acentura Industry Focus

We pride ourselves with the fact that Acentura is providing many services across a cross-section of industry verticals. The telco industry has had a large influx in demand with many working remotely and requiring additional telco products and services. This in turn means that internal telco functions such as order management, billing, CRM, provisioning, etc. need to be able to cater to growing demands and customer behavior. Having worked with some of the largest national telco providers, Acentura has a wealth of knowledge and knowhow on the industry. Similarly, we provide a range of services in support of sales & quoting, policy administration, claims & settlement and digital channels in the insurance industry leveraging our domain experts

Especially with the pandemic, the education industry is pivoting to digital channels with the help of technology, and the delivery of education is changing dynamically at all institutional levels. We also work in the lifestyle industry where companies are constantly on the watch for new markets and opportunities and need to respond efficiently to business demands through effective solutions. Emerging technologies such as Blockchain, big data, artificial intelligence and machine learning are some of the other areas we provide services for – focusing on ideation, innovation, and product development.

Acentura Service Offerings for industries

Acentura Engineering Services Distributed Computing Framework

Cloud Computing

    Acentura offers many benefits to grow your business using Cloud computing. Cloud technologies allows you to set up what is essentially a virtual office to give you the flexibility of connecting to your business anywhere, any time. With the growing number of web-enabled devices used in today's business environment (e.g. smartphones, tablets), access to your data is even easier. How Acentura uses Cloud technologies to scale up any business process across multiple industries;

  • Utilizing cloud features to introduce analytics and insights as a feature across apps
  • Core Process Migration
  • Support across all business functions including Finance, HR, procurement, legal, CRM
  • Architecture enabling, social integration, mobile, apps and utilizing omni-channel cloud benefits
  • Cloud technologies for Storage, server, web hosting
  • Business continuity support with Office 360

Data Analytics, AI & ML

    Acentura enable your business to harness the processing power for ever more complex tasks in your rapidly evolving business environment using the three fields that have emerged alongside this rapid growth are data analytics, machine learning and AI.

  • Finding and stopping fraud with AI
  • AI helps retain valuable customers
  • Customizing rates based on individual data using AI
  • Bundling the right product with AI
  • Streamlining the work process with AI
Acentura Engineering Services Time Reservation Framework

Acentura Engineering Services Distributed Computing Framework


    RPA facilitates communication between legacy and newer systems that was previously not possible without extensive navigation and analysis. Automation using RPA enables enterprises to process data from various systems with more-than-human accuracy, guaranteeing full compliance and eliminating errors. 20%-30% of capacity can be freed up through a successful RPA implementation at an enterprise level, while improving customer experience and minimizing operational risks.


    Whether your business is a multinational corporation, a mid-size regional company, or a fast-growing local business, you and your organization face a complex and evolving array of risks. And for that you want a particular kind of protection and level of service that comes from expert team of professionals. Acentura helps our clients to avoiding massive problems down the road through customized preemptive programs according to the requirement and the risk.

Acentura Engineering Services Time Reservation Framework

Acentura Engineering Services Distributed Computing Framework


    We transform many industries using blockchain technologies as a stand-alone technology, it can verify & track transactions. In conjunction with the Internet of Things and smart contracts, it can speed up transactions.

    Acentura helps the business of verifying transactions of any kind, investigating how blockchain could impact your business functions. considering the threat to the business of clearing and settling stock trades to see that the disruption to many back-office functions and other services could be substantial.


    In a nutshell IoT devices record and transfer data to monitor important processes, give you new insights, boost efficiency, and allow companies to make more informed decisions. If you’re considering how IoT technology could be used at your company or organisation, Acentura help you to get the understanding on vitality of iOT and how it is currently transforming strategy and operations elsewhere.

Acentura Engineering Services Time Reservation Framework