Acentura has over 7 years of experience in the insurance services industry. We approach our work with the objective of great outcomes through authenticity, accountability, curiosity, persuasion and connection.​

Today’s insurance industry is at the brim of disruption. The industry is turning to digital transformation, adapting innovative and creative business models.

We provide a range of services in support of Insurance business underwriting, policy administration and claims and digital channels in the insurance industry leveraging our domain experts. We help insurance companies tide over the challenges posed by the volatile environment. We have working on core modernization projects that are helping companies become more agile, increase efficiency, and establish their presence in the market.

Acentura help in create application on the existing legacy system to cater to insurance business needs. Integrating the solution with GUI, and adapting their micro service architecture, where the system was equipped to manage applications and allow customers to upload supporting documents easily.

Also, Acentura has helped our customers by incorporating new software, apps, adding a layer to the processes to achieve desired results in order to continue with the existing solution. We engage in developing interactive web portal to help a customer to ease their customer onboard and online policy buying. Integrated with APIs with some third-party applications including integration with the payment gateway.

Acentura thought leadership in insurance industry

Today’s insurers face a wide range of complex challenges, from navigating financial market uncertainty and evolving consumer demands to outpacing digitally savvy new competitors. While these factors may add new risk, they also present opportunities for insurers, reinsurers, and brokers, to rethink strategy, redesign financial and capital models, revamp sales, service, and support processes with technology, or explore new growth in emerging markets or through product innovation.

This is how Acentura helps the global insurance giant to revamp its business

Acentura offerings for Insurance & Financial Industry

Planning digital strategy
Securing data and systems
Evolving distribution and customer experience model
Digitally enabling your workforce
Aligning IT and business strategy
Eco System Management

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