As one of the biggest industries in the world, Lifestyle industry has always been at the forefront of innovation. Lifestyle industry is forward-looking and cyclical. Today, Lifestyle industry is growing at a faster pace than ever.

Acentura has enabled digital transformation in the lifestyle industry using AI, Blockchain, iOT, etc. AI is one of the biggest technologies across all industries right now, not just Lifestyle. Applications of AI within fashion & Lifestyle include being able to enhance customer experiences, analyze and predict trends, understand buying patterns and even understand fashion aesthetics.

Blockchain is another huge new technology that is changing the way businesses are run. A blockchain is a permanent and unalterable database that helps with recording transactions and tracking assets. Blockchain has become a great tool for transparency and efficiency in the supply chain, making it easier for all parties involved to exchange data and documents in a secure way.

The Internet of Things is a way to describe all of the products that have technology embedded into them to allow them to make use of internet connectivity. IoT products make it possible to design suggestions based on user actions.

Acentura works with SAP Fashion solutions as it has proven to deliver the value for customers. It is designed to work within the confines of a customer centric eco system. SAP Fashion and vertical business connects every piece of new technology to a digital core throughout the digital network.

Acentura is dedicated to the digital transformation in the Fashion & Lifestyle industry by delivering the highest quality of services with modern technologies.

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