Acentura delivers world class solutions through emerging technologies such as Blockchain, big data, artificial intelligence and machine learning focusing on ideation, innovation, and product development across different industries.

Independent software vendors (ISVs)

ISVs are increasingly facing challenges such as being different from their competitors, applying to the market and gaining new businesses. To move forward with these challenges, ISVs must go through a technological and business evolution.

Acentura ecosystem is designed to help independent software vendors (ISVs) to integrate more effectively to accelerate product-based outcomes. We utilize our extensive expertise in Digital solutions through Customer Experience Management, BPM and Mobility which is allowing ISVs to utilize highly skilled, specialized resources as required. We adopt Agile development tools and DevOps practices to align development with product requirements and accelerate the software lifecycle. Continuous feedback minimizes retesting for verification and validation. Significantly, our iterative approach and short sprints enable ISVs to launch their product within rapid span of time.

Acentura provides end to end engineering from conceptualization to go-to-market including Internet and digital properties development and improving ecommerce capabilities. Acentura facilitate in rapid application development and testing, device compatibility, interoperability and SaaS enablement for ISVs. Our testing services are backed by team of professionals with extensive experience.

Acentura's ISV offers a wide range of services that promote cross-pollination coexistence through best practices and practical knowledge throughout the industry.

Acentura offerings for Tech and ISV Industry

End to End Engineering
Rapid Application Development (MVP)
Business Transformation
Digital Transformation
infrastructure Management
Application Support & Maintenance

Case Studies

Our Major Clients in Tech and ISV