The telco industry is having large influx in demand and their needs and preferences are rapidly evolving, telcos are in need to develop strategies to cater to these substantial requirements. Hence telco industry must switch its business toward digitization. Telco functions has been digitized over the time including the internal functions such as order management, billing, CRM, provisioning, etc. to be able to cater to growing demands and customer behavior.

As trusted partners in the telco industry, we are helping our clients to make the most of today’s opportunities by strengthening core assets and services while building an ecosystem to support the new ventures. Digital transformation in the telco industry encompasses the inculcation of state-of-the-art technological solutions to boost their operations, have a competitive edge in the market, and ensure the extension of an enhanced customer experience. We help the telco ecosystem is set to witness various shifts since the technological adoption will have to be in sync with sustainability to ensure that the industry sails through the turbulent times. Process digitization plays significant role in shaping the future of the telco industry and making it progressive in the times ahead. Our experts have transformed the businesses of most major players across the industry. Having worked with some of the largest national telco providers, Acentura has an affluence of knowledge and competency on the industry.

Successful execution of Cloud migration, Digital Services enablement, Cyber Security, Services in IOT and RPA in parallel streams while consuming the incremental benefit shared among each other streams. AI, Big Data, 5G, BI and ML been used to overcome operational challenges, expand cross selling and VAS, Cut throat market penetration, hyperconnected society and provide innovative subscription models and self-servicing solutions.

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